Award for Excellence by the University of Porto open applications

  • Dulce Pereira Abrantes

  • Article



The University of Porto awards in-house researchers. The application period concludes on 31st January. The winners of the scientific research award will be announced in March 2021 and, pandemic constraints permitting, the awardees will be presented with an in-person prize ceremony.

The target of this Award for Excellence is to foster and acknowledge the participation of professors and researchers of the UP in the field of scientific research. The prize money amounts to 5 thousand euros.

Applications should be submitted via email, by filling in a form, attaching the CV, and other relevant documents included in the award regulation.

A jury chaired by Pedro Rodrigues, vice-rector for Research, Innovation and internationalisation of the UP, will assess the applications. It should be noted that aspects such as raising financing for the purpose of scientific research (35%) and the number of scientific publications (65%) are quite significant for the application assessment.