Alfredo Cunha artwork on display at the Portuguese centre of Photography

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Miguel Nogueira

The Portuguese Centre of Photography showcases the half century work by photojournalist Alfredo Cunha - 50 anos de Fotografia-, who displays his time and mind in an exhibition that portrays half a century of snapshotting reality, spanning from 1970 to 2020.

As any good photojournalist knows it, street photography is all about capturing a decisive moment, perceiving the defining moment of an image, even before he knows it for sure. So does Alfredo Cunha, whose extensive career works as knowledge base for the script of the country, as he documented the Coup d'état in 1974: already using his first Petri FT, of Leica M3. Leica has always been his favourite camera, which he started using in 1973, from analogue (mostly black and white) to digital, which he uses since 2003.

The exhibition Alfredo Cunha 50 year's photography - 1970-2020 is on display at the Portuguese Centre of Photography from 17th October till 2nd May 2021. Entrance is free and all health measures are in place, in compliance with the DGS guidelines.


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