"Looking for Lem" presented Friday and Saturday at Teatro Campo Alegre

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"Looking for Lem" of the Teatro de Ferro, is presented this Friday and Saturday at the Teatro Campo Alegre, in the International Puppet Festival of Porto 2016 (FIMP 2016).

The show was built around the Polish writer Stanislaw Lem (1921-2006), a famous literary figure and published worldwide in collections of popular nature and, at the same time, a paradoxically unknown author. 

For this team, brought together by the Teatro de Ferro, it was about the manufacturing of an object that could arouse the curiosity for Lem's legacy and the concerns brought by his books. The viewer is (and is not) only a spectator.

"It is a peculiar show with a very peculiar way of watching and participating. There is an invitation to occupy the stage that is a mix of maze and secret lab", explained Igor Gandra, the director of the play, to

"Looking for Lem" is a show, a game, an adventure and a simultaneously amusing and disturbing experience. Another way to imagine the world (current and future) through the theater and its masks," described the director of the Teatro de Ferro.


+Info: Teatro Municipal do Porto

Looking for Lem | Campo Alegre

Friday 14 October (para grupos escolares): 10,30 horas e 15 horas

Saturday 15 October: 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.

Tickets available online.