100 artists responded to WOMEX’s open call for the inauguration evening

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Miguel Nogueira

Circa 100 artists responded to the open call launched by WOMEX, regarding the inauguration evening. There are now 50 proposals for WOMEX 2021 opening line-up. The World Music Expo is scheduled to happen from 27th to 31st October, in Porto.

Music professionals in Portugal, from artists to companies, agents, producers and others put forward their art statements, which will be curated and juried and ultimately selected to make it to the opening line-up. This challenge was announced by the Why Portugal, the business association for Portuguese music internationalisation and partner and sponsor entity of WOMEX 2021 inaugural evening.

WOMEX 2021 opening will feature “Folk music tradition and roots” in Portugal and in musically connected territories, as further announced Why Portugal. Proposals can be submitted either by companies or by individuals.

WOMEX Festival aka World Music Expo, is one of the most relevant music support and development projects in the global music scene will make its absolute debut in Portugal, in the city of Porto. The event will introduce thousands of music makers and music lovers from over 90 countries, in the Invicta.

New Open artist Call in March

In a press release, Why Portugal informs that a new Open Call is being prepared for the beginning of March, and this time all artists from the entire world are eligible to apply. Submit your work.

Check the full programme, including the showcase, the club summit, the conferences and the film screenings.

WOMEX 2021, is hosted by Porto, at Porto Customs, between 27th and 31st October.