"WAKE UP!" places Porto among the pilot cities for creating new forms of decarbonisation

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Guilherme Costa Oliveira

Integrating technology and information to put citizens at the centre of climate action is the proposal that makes Porto a pilot city in the NetZeroCities initiative to test solutions to accelerate climate and energy transition in urban centres. The 'WAKE UP! project (Wider Approach to Keep citizens Engaged on sustainable Urban Policies)' will have up to 600,000 euros to contribute to decarbonisation and achieve climate neutrality by 2030.

'This programme is a very important step on our path towards a climate-neutral city by 2030', while reflecting 'our dedication to integrating technology and information to empower the behaviour of Porto residents regarding climate action', says the Deputy Mayor of Porto.

Filipe Araújo emphasises that, by involving partners and citizens, 'WAKE UP! makes clear our commitment, as demonstrated by the Porto Climate Pact'.

Also responsible for the Environment and Climate Transition, the Deputy Mayor said that the municipality is 'confident that this initiative will not only encourage more sustainable behaviour, but will also serve as an inspiration for other cities wishing to increase their decarbonisation efforts'.

Over the course of two years, the 'Pilot Cities' programme aims to turn 26 European municipalities into test tubes for new forms of decarbonisation, with technical and financial assistance from this European consortium, which is part of the Cities Mission.

Out of a total funding of almost 15 million euros, Porto's project will receive between 500 and 600 thousand euros, plus the help of experts in developing CO2 emissions reduction strategies, as well as the possibility of sharing experiences with other municipalities.