Tulips adorn Porto's gardens in preparation for spring

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In a colour show that has become an annual tradition in the city of Porto, tulips are once again blooming in its gardens and squares, heralding the imminent arrival of spring. With a heritage dating back centuries, these flowers have been the focus of attention of visitors and residents alike, bringing a vibrant colour palette to the city's green spaces.

This year, more than 90,000 tulips were meticulously planted in public gardens and parks in an effort coordinated by the Municipal Nursery. Originally from Turkey, these enchanting flowers have been cultivated with care, continuing a tradition that is renewed every year.

From Jardim de S. Lázaro to Praça da Trindade, passing by Jardim do Infante D. Henrique and Jardim da Sé do Porto, among other iconic locations, you can find a profusion of tulips in various colours and shapes, from classic white to bolder shades, such as red. These exuberant flowers, with rounded or conical petals, remain on full display for weeks, captivating those who have the pleasure of contemplating them.

Commitment and dedication of municipal workers

The meticulous process of growing tulips, from planting the bulbs to adapting them in public spaces, is a testament to the commitment and dedication of the municipal workers. Each tulip is carefully tended, protected from frost in greenhouses and prepared to bloom in all its glory when the time is right.

In a city that celebrates nature in all seasons, tulips are more than just flowers: they are symbols of renewal and hope, heralding the arrival of milder and more colourful days.

While tulips bloom in Porto's gardens, locals and tourists alike are invited to enjoy this unique visual exhibition and celebrate the ephemeral beauty of the nature that surrounds us.