There are more than 650 vacancies for foreigners who want to come and study at University of Porto

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Miguel Nogueira

The University of Porto is already thinking about the next reception of the many international students who, every year, seek the institution. For 2022/23, there are more than 650 vacancies, and the first phase of applications is open until 28 February.

According to Notícias UP, the Special Access and Admission for International Students 2022/2023 encompasses 50 degrees and integrated masters. The next academic year marks the entry of the degree in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, at the College of Sciences, in the list of options. The course has only been open since 2021/2022 and will have 15 vacancies reserved for international students.

The 652 available spots are headed by the degree in Economics from the College of Economics, with 50 vacancies available, followed by the degrees in Psychology and Biology, with applications open for 47 and 45 foreign students. The master’s degree with more vacancies – 40 – is the Integrated master’s in architecture from the College of Architecture.

So far, and because the number of vacancies available at the College of Engineering is still unknown, the College of Science has the biggest offer, a total of 186 vacancies distributed across the several courses.

Followed by Letters with 162, Economics with 70, Law with 62, Psychology and Science Education with 61, Architecture with 40, Fine Arts with 26, Nutrition and Food Science with 24, Pharmacy with 20, Dentistry with 16, Sports with 15, and the Abel Salazar Biomedical Science Institute with 13 openings for foreigners.

Applications for the first phase will be open until 28 February and 340 vacancies are expected to be filled. The final admission results should be known on 31 March. The remaining two phases will take place between 1 March and 13 May, and from 19 to 25 July.

With three exceptions: there will only be two phases to apply to the College of Economics (from 5 January to 3 March, and between 4 and 20 May); the single application phase to the College of Sports takes place from 3 January to 25 July; and the calendar for the College of Engineering is yet to defined.

All students interested in being part of the University of Porto in the next academic year should present their application on the page of the desired course, by handing it in or by submitting it electronically, along with the requested documents.

As in previous years, the U.Porto admits the application of a reduction of up to 45% in the tuition fee paid by students coming from countries that integrate the CPLP – Community of Portuguese Language Countries.

All information regarding access conditions, vacancies or application deadlines can be checked on the University of Porto website.