The Water Pavilion interactive exhibit in Porto City Park is definitely a must-visit in town

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Miguel Nogueira

While in town, take time to explore the newly renovated Water Pavilion in Porto City Park. Taking on a more interactive role with the community, this is the privileged space in Porto to learn more about the relationship with the water.

The Water Pavilion in Porto City Park has been recently extended and renovated; as such, new experience modules have been integrated in the permanent exhibition, enabling children and adults alike to learn more about water resources management in a playful way.

The Water Pavilion is a small scale project similar to that designed by Alexandre Burmester for the Expo 98, in Libon. The same architect was in charge of this renovation works, a total investment of 745 000 euros.

The design of the Water Pavilion aims to rise people attention on the issues of climate change, water scarcity and pollution of the oceans by deploying new technologies, "that just didn't exist twenty years ago", as mentioned by Mayor of Porto Rui Moreira, on the occasion of the opening of the renovated Water Pavilion, on 23 March 2019.

The journey through the Water Pavilion starts on the ground floor, revealing how important waste water treatment plants is, the role of the municipal company "Águas do Porto", or how dams work, in the event of a tsunami, as well.

Up the stairs and entering a room where a gigantic orb demonstrates how water is distributed on planet Earth.

The main room simulates the water cycle, displaying conventional and artesian wells as well as lock systems.

One of the main attractions is also the lab, where a monitor invites audiences to experiment and to explore in more detail project experiences.
A very interesting experience is also a box of sand, where visitors can build their own plains, valleys and mountains and ultimately a special effect shine that imitates rainfall. 

Don't forget to visit the Immersive Room, where you can watch a movie, whose scenario is the mountain and the sea, which will remind you of the impact of climate change and its direct consequences in the city of Porto.

Children under four years of age are admitted to the Water Pavilion for free.

Tickets cost 5 euros for children from 4 to 12 years old and adults pay 8 euros.

The Water Pavilion is open every day, from 10am to 5.30pm till 6 April. After this date, it closes on Sundays.

Over 450 thousand people have already visited the Water Pavilion and the exhibition on display.

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