The city presents itself as a market of tradition, innovation, and sustainability at Primavera Sound Porto

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Miguel Nogueira

Considered by many to be the best in the country, Primavera Sound Porto will once again fill the Porto City Park with music and animation, from June 7 to 10. Blur, Kendrick Lamar, Rosalía, and Pet Shop Boys are some of the biggest names that make up the tenth edition of the music festival. The Bolhão Market assumes, this time, a prominent role in the dissemination of the city in the precinct. A Bolhão as the heart of Porto, which values the memory of the market and, simultaneously, reveals a Porto in motion, which architects its future and symbolizes the pulse of a city between expression (culture) and exchange (economy).

Bolhão Market

The Bolhão Market is thus the centrepiece of the space. The structure was designed using containers, characterized by the image of the main facade of the market. On the ground floor and facing outwards are three stalls that combine three distinct areas of activity: Economy, Porto Ponto Brand and Tourism and Internationalization.

Historical Stall of the Bolhão Market

Outside the main space, a replica of a historical market stall is also present to activate the Bolhão brand, under the responsibility of the municipal company GO Porto. In this space, there will be a “lucky wheel” with offers for participants, which materialize in different ways to enjoy the unique flavours and colours of Bolhão, or in other ways to make your experience at the festival more interactive.

Economy, tourism and investment also go to the festival

  • Porto Leading Investors

InvestPorto has developed the Porto Leading Investors initiative, an investment project management program dedicated to investors and companies with a high strategic interest and impact on the Porto economy.

The project will have a dedicated space inside the replica of the Bolhão Market, where the visitor will be invited to browse the Porto Leading Investors platform (included in the InvestPorto website), through an interactive screen. The 35 companies that are part of the program will be presented and made known the opportunities they have open in Porto, in an employer branding logic. Visitors will be able to register with the companies they consider most relevant to them, and their registration will be marked with the offer of a personalized luggage tag with the identity Porto Leading Investors.

The Great Wine Capitals bar will support some of the activities to promote the project, such as the Meetup Porto Leading Investors: “Leading to excellence, changing the future - That's Porto!”, scheduled for June 9, from 5 pm to 7 pm. At the event, networking will be promoted among the Porto Leading Investors community of companies.

  • TERA. Talento. Evoluir. Reter. Atrair.

With the mission of attracting, knowing, developing, and fixing talent, enhancing the career of those who live, study and work in Porto, the Municipality, through the TERA program, streamlines a set of initiatives with the objective of making the Porto labour market known, attracting talent, developing the talent ecosystem in the city and boosting the careers of those who choose Porto as their city. Thus, the festival space will be made known to visitors through this municipal strategy of attraction, development and retention of talent in the city. On June 7, between 6 pm and 7 pm, the MeetingUp “Talented people: last stop Porto” is held, an occasion to celebrate the city's diversity and multiplicity of talents.

  • ScaleUp Porto

ScaleUp Porto, which aims to promote and support the city's entrepreneurship ecosystem, will be present at the festival to showcase the Municipal Entrepreneurship Division and its ScaleUp Porto brand. Over the four days, a video will be presented with data on the entrepreneurship ecosystem of Porto and a quiz on the interactive screen about these same data.

There will also be, on June 10, from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm, a Meetup with the theme “Entrepreneurs are EVERYWHERE: Exploring the Dynamic Entrepreneurial Ecosystem of Porto”.

  • Tourism

Tourism will be present at Primavera Sound Porto, ensuring a personalized tourist welcome to national and international participants. It will stimulate several actions of interaction with the public, namely, tourist reception and an interactive quiz (“Get to know the city”; “Great Wine Capitals”). On June 8, a “Meetup Porto – a welcoming city” will be held, under the responsibility of the Associação Fórum Turismo.

Family Garden Porto.

Space dedicated to the meeting of families and friends and aimed at a children and youth audience. It has a baby changing room and a nursery.

  • Zone “O porto é o nosso bairro” – promoted by Domus Social

Children are invited to know the 50 neighbourhoods of the city, represented in a book to illustrate bilingual (Portuguese/English), with brief descriptions of each of the housing complexes. Each child will be able to colour it or create their artwork/painting. In the end, the little artist can take the book and a small box of coloured pencils as a souvenir.

  • Zone “Constrói o teu Porto” – promoted by GO Porto

Youngsters can use building cubes, which they can also paint, to shape their street, complementing it with key elements to beautify it such as trees, lighting, bridges, buildings, buses and more.

  • Zone “Vamos colorir o ambiente (e os céus)!” – promoted by Porto Ambiente

Games that promote knowledge about the different dimensions of environmental sustainability for children and adults. Presence of the mascot “O Cascas”, which will lead the little ones to enter the world of recycling with the game “A Roda da Reciclagem”: a kind of lucky wheel that promotes the correct separation of waste in a playful and fun way. There will be colouring books, with illustrations of the different activities of Porto Ambiente and with space to give colour to the recycling and many soap balls hovering in the air.

  • Porto Lounge.

Space that promotes meetings between the participants moments of relaxation, making it possible to enjoy the Porto City Park, in the context of the Primavera Sound Porto festival. It frames a set of outdoor furniture pieces such as hammocks, swings, puffs, and sun loungers. Embrace, two activations:

  • “Bebe água do Porto” – promoted by Águas e Energia do Porto

The space is dedicated to the Beba Água do Porto project, a pioneering project in Portugal to encourage the consumption of tap water. The objective is to alert to environmental challenges, namely the scarcity of this resource and pollution of water bodies, allowing a greater awareness of the value of water in a perspective of promoting sustainable consumption, circular economy and decarbonization. In the space will be the mythical project bike, where simple and flavoured water will be available.

  • Porto Ball Pool – promoted by Ágora – Porto Culture and Sport

Invitation to a dive in a large ball pool, which will be a “dip” into the different dynamics of an increasingly cosmopolitan and increasingly prominent Port internationally. By immersing themselves in this activity, the most fortunate can earn special gifts.