Swiss group creates technology centre in Porto to accelerate digitalisation in retail

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In yet another way of helping new foreign technology companies to settle in the region, is promoting the creation of Xelerate Markant Services Internacional Portugal. The new technology centre in Porto is a joint venture with Swedish Markant Services, and is expected to create around thirty highly qualified jobs this year to speed up the digitalisation of retail and industrial clients.

According to the executive director of the retail and industrial services company, the centre in Porto will focus on 'developing innovative software products'.

The new technology centre will be used to build and drive the European digital platform for the group's 'business to business', a tool to support the expansion of digitalisation in retail, which generates advantages in terms of processes and costs.

In an interview with Negócios, Mark Michaelis admits that Porto was chosen as the location for this new partnership due to its 'vibrant environment', as well as its 'recent success in various technological areas' and the fact that 'it is surrounded by several renowned universities that train highly qualified young people'.

The aim is therefore to 'capitalise on the broad expertise of the Portuguese IT community' and, at the same time, 'create an inspiring and collaborative working environment'.

Responsible for setting up companies such as ISS WorldServices or Advanced Applications, has been in Porto since 2021 and has programmed an annual investment of seven to eight million euros until 2028.

Surrounded by renowned universities that train highly qualified young people, the city embodies a vibrant and thriving environment for various technological areas', said Pedro Rocha, the city's chief technology officer.