Student housing supply increases in Porto

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Filipa Brito

The student residence Milestone Porto Asprela was formally inaugurated on 19th November, representing an increased capacity of 220 more individual rooms, located in one of the main areas of higher education in the city of Porto.

The campus offers students social, academic and environmental strengths. The contemporary architecture building offers large windows to let in the daylight and provide optimal studying conditions and indoor spaces are ideal for both study activities, individually or in groups and relaxed moments in the terraced balconies, the gym or the common spaces.

All rooms are equipped with a small kitchen and a private bathroom. These areas are delivered furnished and equipped.

This is a project by the Austrian Company Milestone, the Real Estate Consultant Predibisa and the construction company Garcia Garcia. "Environmental approach and the highest international standards regarding university campus", as stated by Milestone.

Milestone Porto Asprela is preparing for LEED certification, as it stresses an environmentally friendly approach to building, taking into account the environment and surrounding areas.

The new campus enables a sustainable life style by allowing the water used in baths and showers and kitchens is recycled to be used in sewage systems of the same building, also these are high energy efficiency (A or B) buildings, fitting flow control valves in taps, use of renewable sources of energy and intelligent energy systems, air conditioning control systems and thermal coating performance.

The area offers a good public transportation network and accessibility, namely the Metro, buses and road accesses.

Also, Asprela houses the Faculties of Medicine, Economy, Engineering, Nutrition and Food Science, Sports Faculty, Dental Medicine, and the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, and the Polytechnic Institute of Porto and the University Fernando Pessoa.

In addition, Asprela is about to be a green lung most important in the city.

See what the future holds: