Round table on the new degree on AI and Data Science organised by the FCUP and the FEUP

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The Faculty of Sciences and the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto will debate the state of play regarding the new degree in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. The Round Table gathers on 21 June and joins several experts, from companies and from the academia, to answer questions such as “what are the needs of companies operating in these domains?”, “who are the experts that work in the field of AI and Data Science?”. The Round Table starts at 4.30 pm, at the FCUP’s Library and will be streamlined live via the FCUP YouTube channel.

Rita Ribeiro and Luís Paulo Reis, professor at the Faculty of Sciences and the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, respectively, will moderate the talk about the state of play regarding the new course jointly inaugurated by both faculties. The Round Table outlining goal is to enhance the importance of having trained workforce in these domains.

Among the invited speakers are Eduarda Mendes Rodrigues, in charge of the Engineering team and Data Science at GiffGaff, a telecoms company from London, Luís Sarmento, co-founder of Inductiva Research Labs and Bruno Mourão, of Sonae MC and in-charge of the latest creation of the first supermarket without cashiers in Portugal.

According to the European Strategy for Data document, published last February 2020, it is foreseeable that there will be an acceleration of a data centralized digital transformation which will occur in the short term, and which includes data processing, protection and valorisation. This publication also indicates that there is a lack of data specialists and it estimates that Europe will be able to meet 50% of the demands in the sector only by 2025.

Degree in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

This degree is the result of a pioneer collaboration between the Faculties of Sciences and Engineering of the University of Porto. It is an innovative degree that trains highly skilled workforce in the areas of AI and Data Science, which are in growing demand by employers in the Northern Region, at national and international level.

The course lasts for six semesters (corresponding to 180 ECTS credits). The degree is strongly connected to training in the field of Computer Science/Informatics Engineering, and a strong knowledge in mathematics.

The study areas also include skills in programming, algorithmic, statistics, numeric methods, optimisation, computational learning, image processing, source language, robotics and intelligent systems, security and privacy.

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