Porto encourages 'revolution' inspired by nature

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A 'revolution' inspired by nature is one of the mottos that has driven the city to face the climate change challenges. It was this strategic example that brought the first edition of the NBS Summit Urban Edition to Porto, a debate of ideas and solutions to make large cities more sustainable, biodiverse and resilient.

'Porto is promoting a "nature-inspired revolution", investing in the expansion of nature-based solutions [NBS] to combat and mitigate environmental challenges, particularly climate change', said the deputy mayor of Porto at the opening of the event on Thursday morning at the Super Bock Arena - Rosa Mota Pavilion.

By revolution, Filipe Araújo means the more than 130 green roofs and vertical gardens, which already cover an area of more than 11 hectares, or the water retention basins created in the Asprela and Alameda de Cartes parks.


'Leading by example isn't just about words: it's our approach to promoting change', the head of Environment and Climate Transition emphasises.

In the deputy mayor's words, 'cities are the main drivers of change in the context of sustainability', given their proximity to citizens, which must be harnessed to 'accelerate change, overcoming the inertia and bureaucratic weight of national governments'.

We've been "stirring the waters" with visible positive results'.

Certain that 'challenges such as sustainability, neutrality and adapting the territory to climate change cannot be solved in four-year policy cycles', Filipe Araújo emphasised the need for 'commitments from citizens and European institutions beyond political terms, adhering to a consistent and ambitious roadmap'.

Missions such as chairing the Eurocities Environment Forum, signing the Covenant of Mayors for Climate or being selected as one of the 100 Smart Cities with Climate-Neutral Impact make Porto 'an active and leading voice in influencing the European Commission to increase its ambition, adapting funding to local challenges and providing better legislation'.


'We have been "stirring the waters" with visible positive results, always supported by technical-scientific teams', guarantees Filipe Araújo, recalling how the city took the lead by setting an example with the creation of the Porto Climate Pact.

The NBS Summit Urban Edition, which takes place in the city until Friday, is organised by the National Association of Green Roofs with the support of Águas e Energia do Porto. The experts, academics and leaders from the nature-based solutions sector will expand their knowledge of the green future of cities over the course of two days.