Porto devotes three days to talk about cybersecurity

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Porto Customs is once again the host to the C-DAYS Conference, where the issue of cyber security, and its management by people and organisations is the outlining topic. The President of the Municipal Assembly, Miguel Pereira Leite, represented the Municipality of Porto during the opening of the debate themed “Naturalizing Competences”.

Miguel Pereira Leite enhanced that “both at personal and professional levels, we have the awareness today that our personal data, as the data for the organisations we are responsible for are extremely sensitive data, and as such, we must do everything to preserve it”.

The President of the Municipal Assembly added that the pandemic has brought an important lesson in this regard: “the importance of trust”, which is the road Porto has taken side by side with digital transition, so as to “provide the population with state-of the-art, reliable and efficient communication networks”.

During this ceremony, which was also attended by the Minister of State and the Presidency, Mariana Vieira da Silva, Miguel Pereira Leite stated that Porto “has an entrepreneurship ecosystem coupled with technology and that, very often, it puts the city and the country in the spotlight”, reiterating the investment on digital infrastructure and the “devotion of people that believe in knowledge, in innovation and a lot in technology”.

“We are determined to renew and to revalidate this economic development axis so that Porto remains a reference, with companies that adopt pioneering standards, manage innovative products and services and create highly skilled workforce.” Miguel Pereira Leite also referred the Management Plan and Data Valorisation of the Municipality of Porto that was created to support political decision making, based on data, as well as the integration of digital intelligence in the waste management plan, or the Monitoring Platform and the Weather Management at the disposal of the Civil Protection.

“If it is true that we now have ‘communication highways’ that allow us to always be connected, it is also a fact that ‘only a safe and defensive driving’ can lead us to more distant destinations, that is, to social and economic development for which we have fought”, he concluded.

The C-DAYS 2021 Conference, which is held in the framework of the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Commission, is organised by the Cybersecurity National Centre and runs until 16 June, featuring debates on such topics as Cybersecurity competences, the current context of the digital dependency and the European initiatives in this intervention area.

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