Mercado do Bolhão promotes Easter Fair from April 1 to 8

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Filipa Brito

Between April 1 and 8, Mercado do Bolhão will promote the first thematic fair since reopening to the public, being entirely dedicated to the commercialization of products alluding to Easter. The deadline for receiving applications to one of the 22 temporary stands available remains in force until Sunday, March 12.

The Easter Fair guarantees a diversified and organized offer according to several categories, from food and beverages to regional non-food products, with the main objective of celebrating the festive season and, as always, promoting local and traditional commerce.

The initiative is open to merchants and market tenants, but also to other economic agents outside the market. Candidates, in order to be admitted to the raffle for the allocation of temporary stands, must ensure compliance with the conditions provided for in the Rules and Conditions of Participation, as well as formalize the application, subsequently, through the email

Each candidate may be assigned only one temporary stand and all applications are subject to review by the managing body. The allocation of the stands occurs by raffle, through a public act, in the facilities of the Mercado do Bolhão, on March 15, at 3 pm.

The Easter Fair takes place in the Gallery on Floor 3, between April 1 and 8, from Monday to Friday, including Good Friday, from 10am to 8pm, and on Saturdays from 10am to 6pm.