Meet Up for Tourism focused on hiring Tech

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Meet Up Porto’s second edition was dedicated to the theme of Tech hiring in the Tourism sector and took place on Thursday, November 23rd.

Promoted by Porto City Hall, in partnership with Bolsa de Empregabilidade, the event aimed to respond to the current challenges of hiring, especially in Tourism, using digital platforms as innovative solutions to support companies in finding the best talent and candidates find the best companies.

Porto City Hall councilwoman for Tourism and Internationalization opened the session and stood out the revolution that the job market has been undergoing and the constraints felt by the sector in the field of hiring. Catarina Santos Cunha highlighted the importance of using innovative solutions to overcome the difficulties of hiring and valuing professionals who can make a difference by positively impacting the tourist experience.

The many intervenient highlighted the functionality and agility as the strengths of these platforms, compared to the traditional recruiting models, as they are available 365 days per year and allow unlimited access to professional immediately. Also worth highlighting are other features like the curation service that is provided both for those looking to enter the job market, providing practical and attractive information on those who are recruiting, and for the companies, which have the flexibility to create their own content on the platforms, according to the candidates’ profiles they aim to capture.

Representatives from Talent Portugal platforms, a company dedicated to attracting talent and employer branding, Merytu, an app and digital platform that helps to identify talent in hospitality area, and the Fórum Turismo – Bolsa da Empregabilidade, which presented technological solutions and its working model, participated in the debate. The were also present representatives of the Yotel and One Shot hotels who gave their testimony as users of these platforms.