Leaders in Tokyo undertake joint commitment to a fairer, more sustainable world

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United in the desire to 'protect and improve the lives of our residents', 'expand cooperation between cities for more inclusive and fairer societies', 'build safe cities' and 'promote environmental measures', the leaders of several cities from around the world, including Porto, signed the 'SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 City Leaders Programme Communiqué' in Tokyo, Japan.

The document results from the main conclusions drawn from the various sessions that made up the international conference, under the theme 'A better future through innovation for a fair and sustainable world', and where the Mayor of Porto took the city's example in terms of investment in culture.

The signatories believe 'the 21st century is being called 'the age of cities', with cities at the forefront of responding to challenges such as the climate crisis, natural disasters, preparing for future pandemics and establishing respect for diversity'.

The commitment is to 'cooperate with each other, combine our collective knowledge and experience and take concrete action'.

The various leaders assumed a common mission to 'facilitate continuous exchange', 'deepen intermunicipal cooperation', as well as to 'harness the experience of various social players, such as startups', all in favour of greater sustainability for the cities.

Among the measures taken are the promotion of well-being, the empowerment of women, the elimination of barriers, the construction of safe networks that combat the isolation of the most vulnerable, the promotion of more housing, the transition to the circular economy or the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.