Kirby Chambliss: "It is a wonderful feeling to race in Porto"

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Red Bull Air Race is just around the corner. Just a few days before the beginning of this event, on 2 and 3 September, one of the key pilots of the race, Kirby Chambliss, shares his expectations on the race in Porto.

The North American pilot is the current World Championship leader and the third most successful pilot in the history of the race. 

His second place in 2008 is his best result in Portugal. In addition, Chambliss is one of the pilots that has helped develop Red Bull Air Race. 

He started flying at the age of 13. At 24 he became the youngest commercial pilot of Southwest Airlines and at the age of 28 he was already Air Operations Commander. He lives with his family in a ranch called "Flying Crown Ranch" in Arizona.



Team: Team Chambliss       

Country: United States of America   

Age: 57 years old (18-10-1959)

Aircraft: Zivko Edge 540 V3     


What do you recall from your last race in Porto back in 2009?

I recall we had some mechanical problems and I was not able to finish the race. It was unfortunate because we were really fast throughout the entire weekend. We hope that this time we can have a smoother race but still be very fast.

You have already raced in Porto. Is that an advantage do you think?

I would like to say yes, but in reality things are not like that. Many Master Class pilots have also raced here in Porto in the past.

What is the feeling of racing so close to the banks of the River Douro?

Wonderful! It is impressive to look down and see both banks crowded.

What are your expectations for the race in Portugal and for the 2017 World Championship?

We want to move atop the leader board grid! Every race is a different race and our focus is winning one at a time. If we win enough races we end up winning the championship and that is precisely what we hope can happen. We will try our best.