IPO and i3S recognized internationally in cancer care and research

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The Raquel Seruca Porto Comprehensive Cancer Centre (P.CCC), a consortium that brings together the Portuguese Oncology Institute of Porto (IPO Porto) and the Institute of Research and Innovation in Health of the University of Porto (i3S), has recently received the renewal of the accreditation as a Comprehensive Cancer Centre, first awarded in 2011, thereby continuing to be, respectively, the only Portuguese hospital and laboratory associated with this international recognition.

In this context, the P.CCC has presented a strategic action plan that, among many other improvement points, aims to increase the activity in fundamental, translational, and clinical research, in the regional, national, and international context, and double the number of cancer patients in clinical trials, in order to enable the access of Portuguese citizens to the most innovative therapeutic solutions. One should remember that there are over 300 patients in the Porto IPO, per year, who are included in clinical trials in the different phases.