Intellias innovates in car technology through a new engineering centre in Porto

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Operating in the technological field for more than 20 years, the Ukrainian company, Intellias, chose the city of Porto to install a new engineering centre in Portugal. Until the end of the year, more than a hundred talents will develop safe, adaptable solutions, based in artificial intelligence to connected cars.

In the offices’ inauguration, this Thursday, in Boavista, the councillor for Economy, Employment, and Entrepreneurship considered the arrival of Intellias in Porto as “another demonstration of the city’s ability to attract companies with a focus on global markets and qualified talent”.

Ricardo Valente highlights how “this harbour of talent is more and more present in the new centres of excellence of the industries that will shape the world’s future”.

As for Intellias’ CEO and cofounder, he guarantees that the company, in Portugal “is designed to be a big scale engineering centre for the most sophisticated IT solutions, new products and cutting-edge technology.

Vitaly Sedler confirms the willingness, of “attracting top talent and provide challenging technological projects”. “Through a collaboration in proximity to local IT specialists, learning institutions, and technological centres, we want to build a world class engineering team”, he adds.

From Porto, Intellias’ engineers will develop “safe, adaptable and artificial intelligence-based solutions for connected cars, making vehicles who are defined by their software a reality”, the company explains.

Intellias Portugal partners with the main leaders in the automotive industry, concerning the development of navigation applications, ADAS, EV infrastructure projects and ecomobility, and infoentertainment platforms, innovations that are already being used in more than 170 million cars all over the world.

During the inauguration in the centre of Boavista, a demonstration of “Intellias Automotive Portable Kit” with a “totally functional, digital cockpit, powered by a user interface design at an industrial level and cloud integration”.

Besides that, around 3.200 professionals of the global team, work in ioT, Artificial Intelligence, data science, cloud, DevOps, and big data.

In 2020 and 2021, Forbes and EY considered Intellias as the “BEST IT Employer”, being that the company has received the same title in Ukraine, in 2022.