Going all the way to an existence of full innovation merged with tradition in the city of Porto

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Mayor Rui Moreira is determined to help build a brighter and better city of Porto. The 100 year old city market Bolhão is one of such powerful examples! See how things are going.

A force of change has been brought to the city of Porto, a force that has been driven by Mayor Rui Moreira, who is reshaping the city, by driving it to the future as he endures the worthwhile projects that envision a city that has always been ready for a "full out dance".

Bolhão speaks largely to the city's desire for innovation and tradition, by leading the way towards innovation and entrepreneurship, in a renovation drill that merges the gem ingredient of tradition and the ancient and noble values of honour and strength.

We are indeed speaking of the Mayor who dared start this masterpiece work, as defiant as only time can tell.

Rui Moreira paid a visit to this meaningful worksite in Porto, which is on the way of concluding a gigantic restauration work, indeed a mechanical watch handmade type of restauration work, with fine tunings and detailed masterpiece works at the hands of renowned and prized architect Nuno Valentim.

See how things are going!