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French students visit the city of Porto to learn about examples of urban rehabilitation

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An entourage of 20 students from a college in Paris (France), belonging to an executive "master" on urban development, led by Charlotte Halpern, PhD in Political Science and specialist in "comparative public activity", visited Porto to learn about examples of urban rehabilitation.

The exchange began at the facilities of Porto Vivo, SRU, where students were able to learn about the various layers of activity developed by the municipal company responsible for urban rehabilitation and the promotion of affordable leasing.

Projects such as the rehabilitation of Ilha da Lomba, which will allow 47 houses to be fully requalified, and the intervention in Eirinhas, where 32 homes will be built, have aroused special interest.

In a second moment, the entourage had the opportunity to walk through some of the most iconic streets of the city, starting at Largo da Sé Catedral. In particular, in a more operational aspect of the visit, were the interventions carried out by Porto Vivo, SRU, namely in the rehabilitation of the D. João I block and in the so-called Operação D of Morro da Sé, which will soon allow a total of 14 dwellings to be placed in the accessible rental market.

The response that Porto has given, both in terms of urban rehabilitation and in the search for quality housing solutions, has merited increasing interest from international entities.