Festival Dias da Dança with an 85% attendance rate and with a comeback scheduled for next year

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José Caldeira

The 7th edition of Festival Dias da Dança surpassed all expectations in the course of 13 days, with shows and other activities in 14 stages and many public spaces in Porto, Matosinhos and Gaia. The DDD returns in 2024, from April 23rd to May 5th.

Between April 18th and 30th, 28 concerts, in their majority national premieres, were played in a total of 46 recitals. In general, the festival had an attendance rate of 85%.

“This edition stood out through its diversity and representativeness of artistic discourses. The audience found a refreshed and consolidated festival, focused on an expanded experience of what contemporary dance is, in a relaxed environment that facilitated the encounter among artists and the audience. A temporary sense of community was made possible through workshops, parties and shows. Accessibility was still a priority”, Cristina Planas Leitão and Drew Klein, artistic co-directors of DDD and Teatro Municipal do Porto, explained.

Among artists and committees, there were 250 participants of nine nationalities (Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, Albania, Turkey, Cape Verde, Brazil, USA).

“The festival definitely subscribed to the international overview, with the presence of 33 programmers that travelled to Porto to meet Portuguese artists through a 3D program. In general, the audience’s engagement was massive, almost every show was sold-out, as well as most workshops and activities”, they revealed.

In CAMPUS Paulo Cunha e Silva, workshops and expanded practices had more than 300 participants.