Environmentally friendly regulation for tourism transport in Porto

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The city of Porto will implement a specific regulation for tourism transport. The proposal, which is expected to be approved by the Executive of Rui Moreira, Mayor of Porto, on January 31st aims to organise the traffic within the city and strengthen its para-transit system.

The municipality is actively engaged in aligning sustainable development of tourism with environmental regulations. Vehicles are required to comply with environmental standards.

Development of the regulation took place in open dialogue with the various tour operators in the city, following a cost-benefit assessment.

After a period of public consultation on the measures proposed, the municipal government will implement this regulation, which implies an amendment to the Municipality's regulatory code.

Economic development and environmental protection should be pursued hand in hand as aspirations that can and should strengthen the benefits of tourism.

More often than not, cities have become unfriendly for cycling and walking. It is, therefore, crucial to promote cycling and pedestrian infrastructure in the city. In the city of Porto, road traffic on the bus lane will be restricted to public transportation only.

There will be designated access routes for buses as well as limited traffic zone for buses.

The transportation system is fundamental in a city and sustainability is key to integrating local residents and tourists in the same environment.