Dias da Dança revolutionised formats, established itself internationally and will return in 2025

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João Octávio Peixoto

The 8th edition of DDD - Festival Dias da Dança surpassed all expectations in the course of 13 days, with shows and other activities in 17 stages and many public spaces in Porto, Matosinhos and Gaia. Between 23 April and 5 May, 26 concerts, in their majority national premieres, were presented in a total of 42 recitals. In general, the festival had an attendance rate of 90 per cent.

'This edition of DDD stood out for the various formats and revolutionary surprises that emerged. An expanded contemporary dance exhibition, a large-scale festival, but with great proximity to the artistic community, making many people stay in Porto, Matosinhos and Gaia for a fortnight', say the artistic co-directors of DDD and Teatro Municipal do Porto

Cristina Planas Leitão and Drew Klein emphasise that 'the audience was massive. Almost all the shows sold out and the large number of programme-makers present will boost the circulation of the plays presented.'

In an edition characterised by a high number of national and international co-productions, the festival reaffirmed itself internationally. Over the course of 13 days, around 60 artistic programme-makers from various countries were at DDD, namely: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Italy, Spain, United States, Finland, France, Netherlands, Ireland, Poland, Switzerland, and Taiwan.

The festival also featured 270 artists and their entourages. Around 250 participants took part in the DDD CAMPUS training programme.

Dias da Dança will return in 2025, from 23 April to 4 May.