Coliseu do Porto: concert "Uma semente pela paz" takes artists to Rua de Passos Manuel on the 24th

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Guilherme Costa Oliveira

Pedro Abrunhosa, Tiago Nacarato, Best Youth, Ana Deus, but also the Ukrainian Irina Horbatyuk and the actor Pedro Lamares are the voices that will rise to plant "Uma semente pela paz" (a seed for peace). On the day that marks one year since the invasion of Ukraine, the Coliseu do Porto promotes a civic and artistic mobilization that will occupy Rua Passos Manuel, this Friday, February 24, from 6 pm.

“A year ago, the perception of our reality changed and the Coliseu Porto Ageas cannot be oblivious to the change. As 365 days pass since the beginning of the conflict, we invite people to a civic demonstration of belonging, signalling the hope of peace, sowing it, in front of the Coliseu”, said Miguel Guedes, president of the institution.

The performances, freely accessible, will take place open to the street, on the facade of the Coliseu do Porto, where the flag with the colours of Ukraine will be projected. When the clock strikes 6:24 p.m., a minute's silence will be observed in memory of the victims of the war.

Assuming the desire to return the Coliseu to the city, Miguel Guedes calls on "many to mobilize to attend the generous delivery of so many artists who wanted to associate themselves in solidarity with this desire for civic intervention". Symbolically, sunflower seeds, the national flower of Ukraine, will be distributed.

To receive this demonstration of solidarity with the Ukrainian population, Rua Passos Manuel will be closed to traffic from 5.30 pm. The event is associated with a march organized by the Association of Ukrainians in Portugal, with the support of the Consulate of Ukraine in Porto.