“Blackout” in Porto and around the world in solidarity with Ukraine

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At a time when the lights colour the heart of the city, with the giant tree as the central point of peace and family time, Porto does not forget the war Ukrainians are fighting against the Russian invasion and, this Wednesday, in a symbolic gesture of solidarity, joined the #LightUpUkraine campaign, turning off the lights in the City Hall building and in the Christmas Tree in Praça General Humberto Delgado.

The appeal had been made by the president of Ukraine for institutions and citizens be in the dark in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, who have been affected by cuts in the supply of electricity due to the attacks using drones.

“We need your support. For all the surgeons forced to operate in the dark. For all the parents doing their best to give their families what they need, even in the dark. For all the Ukrainians who believe in freedom, despite the darkness”, stressed Volodymyr Zelensky.

In addition to Porto, several iconic buildings around the world went dark: in the buildings of the European Commission, in Brussels and the European Parliament, in Strasbourg, Paris City Hall, in the Colosseum, Rome or at the Opera House in Sydney.

But also, symbolically, on the Liberty Bridge in Budapest, or at the War Museum in Ottawa, Canada. In the United States, the “blackout” turned off the lights of the traditional Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center or even at the Niagara Falls.

The #LightUpUkraine campaign aimed, also, to raise at least 10 million dollars (about 9,4 million euros) to buy thousand electric generators that will ensure the functioning of several hospitals in the country.