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Águas do Porto shares guidelines on how to deal with water after a long lockdown

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Águas do Porto recommends that all clients follow the guidelines regarding empty buildings and water sitting in pipes during the Covid-19 lockdown. These guidelines were issued by the Water & Environment and Services Regulatory Authority for Water and Waste (ERSAR). 

Now that people are returning to work, offices and buildings that were empty during the Covid-19 stay-home orders, pose a risk as people might be exposed to harmful water.

Water does not have an expiration date, but water that doesn't flow in pipes can develop organisms and chemicals and that water is not drinkable anymore. This can happen because water did not flow in the pipes for weeks. As such, there are guidelines to help building and shop owners prepare their water for use again after a long shutdown. 

The purpose is to reduce the potential for widespread waterborne disease as all buildings with low water use are at risk. So, to avoid water issues, "fresh" water must regularly flow to a building's faucets. Faucets, water heaters and softeners, appliances such as refrigerators, toilets and other water systems, including cooling towers, all need to have water turnover.

Some of these can require specialised attention. Faucet aerators should be removed because they accumulate materials and slow down the flow.

Public tap water is sage and of excellent quality, but each client must ensure all the necessary conditions are in place to keep water "fresh", as stated by Águas do Porto.

For any clarification on this, contact the "Laboratório de Análises da Águas do Porto" via the phone number 225 190 835, from 9am to 6pm.

+Info: ERSAR guidelines