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"The dead live on in our dreams" by Hooman Sharifi at the majestic Salão Árabe, in Palácio da Bolsa this October

The majestic Salão Árabe of the Palácio da Bolsa hosts another top event: "The Dead Live On in Our Dreams" performance by Hooman Sharifi, on 25th and 26th October at 9pm.

After Olivier Saillard, in 2017 and François Chaignaud & Nino Laisné, in 2018, it's time for Norwegian artist of Persian origin Hooman Sharifi to deliver a powerful rendering of contemporary dance, which includes training in hip hop, street jazz and classical ballet, accompanied by the musician Arash Moradi.

According to Hooman Sharifi, if we want to change the future we need to go back into the past and manipulate it in order to transform history, be it our individual history or the Humankind history, in a nostalgic journey between the past and the imagined.

Hooman Sharifi was artistic director at Carte Blanche, from 2014 until August 2018.

See here for more information.

Workshops by Hooman Sharifi & Arash Moradi

There will be workshops supervised by Sharifi and Moradi on 18th and 20th October, at Rivoli- Rehearsal Room.

The dance movements are set by the tone of instruments such as the tanbour, one of the world's oldest stringed instruments, its origins dating back some five thousand years.

The goal is to convey basic notions on traditional Persian and Kurdish music.

See here for more information.