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News Porto.


For Porto, being a sister city really means something

When the formal process of sister cities became official in 1947, after World War II, it was intended that twin cities would lead to global friendships and cities who could aid one another in times of crisis. As such, Porto provided financial help and donated over 2 thousand books to Beira, Mozambique.

Porto just donated over two thousand books to the Portuguese School in Mozambique, Beira, in the central region of Mozambique. The Invicta had already provided financial support of 100 thousand euros to help rebuild the hospital of that city, which was destroyed by the Idai tropical cyclone, in March 2019. The amount made available was identified by the Health4Moz, a Non-Governmental Development Organisation headquartered in Porto.

The books donated include school books, children books and technical books, which will be extremely relevant as far as their educational value is considered, and also on the promotion of reading. This donation was unanimously approved by the Municipal Executive, on a proposal by the Mayor Rui Moreira, and which deserved the agreement and applause of all political forces represented in the Municipality.

Porto City Hall provided relief assistance to Mozambique, following the major natural disaster in that country, in the aftermath of the devastating cyclone Idai, which has also hit Malawi and Zimbabwe on 14 March.

The Municipality of Porto provided monetary assistance, as well, to help rebuild the city Hospital, with post natural disaster supporting teams sent to the country, in the context of Porto and Beira's twinning arrangement, established in 1989.