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News Porto.


The "cosmos" is the topic for the Forum of the Future 2020 edition

The cosmos was announced as the theme for 2020 edition of the Forum of the Future in Porto, by Mayor Rui Moreira on occasion of the Forum of the Future closing session, at Rivoli, on 9th November.

The world changes fast, and the debate of ideas is more important than ever. Porto is well aware of this and, every year, as of 2014, renowned speakers and experts gather at the Invicta to share fruitful insights and experiences.

Rui Moreira said that the closing day of the Forum of the Future "comes as a time for assessment" of this city project that he is building since he first became Mayor, six years ago; a project that was designed together with late Councillor for Culture, Paulo Cunha e Silva.

"We wish to debate the future and make Porto the place where we turn the page on the past without hiding it though", the Mayor of Porto recalled, also congratulating Guilherme Blanc, Contemporary Art and Cinema Director of the Municipal Company Ágora and one of the curators of this edition of the Forum of the Future.

Mayor Rui Moreira also announced that this was a record public affluence edition, with completely full events, and a wide variety of audiences, especially youth.

Rui Moreira also said that "the Forum of the Future does not end today, it is merely interrupted and it will restart within a year". Mayor of Porto also recalled that this 2019 edition, whose theme was "Crossings/Travessias" was about the love of the peoples and the love of nature, with a focus on Africa, all the while highlighting that "tolerance is always an essential ingredient" at the Forum of the Future, "but it is, increasingly scarce in society" and that "questioning is crucial".

Sir David Adjaye, British architect, whose work spans exhibitions, private homes and artist collaborations worldwide, was the final keynote speaker at the Forum of the Future and announced he is to build "The Abrahamic Family House", a project that joins three temples in Abu Dhabi - of the Christian religion, the Jewish religion and of Islam - with the blessing of the corresponding world religious leaders.

"I believe architecture must be used to substantiate the type of world we want to live in, a world of tolerance, open and in continuous evolution. Who are we to judge evolution?", concluded Sir David Adjaye.

See you in the future!