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News Porto.


Porto will be the home of Tennis, starting this Sunday with the Absolute National Championship
The Invicta will be the stage of the sport of tennis between 12th and 19th July as national tennis players will compete for the absolute titles 2020 in the restored courts at the Monte Aventino Sports Complex. Players such as Pedro Sousa, 110 in the world ranking, Frederico Silva, 193 in the ATP Tennis and also Maria João Koehler, six times champion for women's competitions are the top players to compete in Porto. 

National Absolute Titles will be played on the courts of the Monte Aventino Sports Complex, which were rehabilitated. The competition kicks off Sunday, 12th July and extends till 19th July.

Pedro Sousa, 110 in the world ranking is one of the most influential male tennis player of the tournament, alongside Frederico Silva, 193 in the ATP Tennis.

Other players of the game are Gastão Elias, who will play a round of Singles at the National Championship; the tournament also features two times champion João Monteiro, and Tiago Cação, Nuno Borges, Luís Faria and Daniel Rodrigues among the major athletes.

The women's tournament will see the return of Maria João Koehler, champion from 2009 to 2013 and then again in 2016.

Before heading to Porto, the players had the opportunity to overcome any undertraining constraints as the pandemic delayed and restricted all scheduled training sessions. To stay active and better prepared for this Tournament in Porto, players had the opportunity to train safely at the new Senior FPT Circuit in Algarve (Vale do Lobo), Lisbon and Figueira da Foz (which is ongoing).

Each of the above mentioned competitions granted 15 thousand euros in prizes and the National Absolute Championship/Cup Guilherme Pinto Basto will award 20 thousand euros in prize money.

Due to concerns with the new coronavirus, the 2020 Porto Open, the major tennis tournament at the Invicta, was postponed to September.