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Porto Solidário applications 8th edition opens on 2nd June
The Porto Solidário 8th edition opens on 2nd June, at 9am. Applicants should consult the necessary documents and all the corresponding relevant information. 

Porto Solidário programme grants economic support to economic vulnerable households regarding house rent or purchase.

This 8th edition of the Porto Solidário programme will take off on the largest budget allocation of 1.3 million euros.

The Porto Solidário programme was established in 2014 and this Social Emergency Fund has already supported 2.336 families; by proposition of Councillor Fernando Paulo, this 12 month support programme was extended to 24 months.

Besides the extended deadline to support rent and mortgage costs to 24 months, the programme also features a 25% reduction of the household effort rate as well as the possibility of beneficiaries applying again if the deadline is about to conclude, and the support is granted from the application date.

Applicants to the Porto Solidário can submit applications via:

- Domus Social website;
- Scheduling a previous appointment, face-to-face at the Office of the Municipal Tenant; prior appointments are scheduled via phone number: 228 330 000, from Monday to Friday, between 9am and 6pm;

- Previous appointment is mandatory. Learn about prevention procedures and infection control that are in place at the Office of the Municipal Tenant and avoid unnecessary travels;

 - contact the parish council of your neighbourhood (preferably by phone);
 In addition, further clarifications on Porto Solidário programme can be done via the following channels:

Email -
Line Porto Solidário - 228 330 099, available from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm.

The 8th edition of this programme represents a financial investment of over 1.3 million euros, which will enable to extend support to vulnerable households, in accordance with the proposition by Councillor for Housing and Social Cohesion, Fernando Paulo.

The programme was proposed by Rui Moreira during the electoral campaign in 2013. In total, this programme represented an investment by the Municipality of Porto of circa 5.9 million euros, essential to guarantee the right of housing to the most vulnerable households.