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News Porto.


National Theatre S. João celebrates World Day of Theatre with free online spoken word
Today is World Day of Theatre and, despite physically apart, we can bond in many other ways, such as our enjoyment for theatre. 

National Theatre of São João (TNSJ) prepared a programme for the coming days. Today, 27th March features the online broadcasting of "Castro", at 10pm.

This is the perfect opportunity to watch, with couch seats, the nuclear tragedy of Portuguese theatre, staged by TNSJ artistic director, Nuno Cardoso. The online spoken word lasts for about one and a half hour. With "Castro", people can appreciate the historic love drama between Pedro and Inês. Please join via TNSJ website, Facebook or Instagram.

A bit earlier, starting at 6pm, there is a virtual visit to the interior of this historic monument. "The National Theatre of São João by those who studied it, rehabilitated, directed and live it", directed by Luís Porto and with a duration of approximately 30 minutes.

This "voyage" will be conducted by Luís Soares Carneiro, João Reis, Emília Silvestre or António Durães. It is broadcasted simultaneously on TNSJ website, Facebook and Instagram.

Throughout the week, National Theatre São João has been broadcasting online four plays that make up the Ubu saga, by Alfred Jarry, enabling free online download of ebooks and the full collection of the Reading Manuals, produced by the TNSJ.

It should be highlighted that TNSJ is celebrating its centennial year in 2020.

+ info: Teatro Nacional São João