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Look at this photo and tell us you don't want to have a go at it! [We do too!]

Bolhão Temporary Market offers especially prepared contents and stories devoted to visitors each weekend. Tomorrow, 25th January, is "Sábados à Conversa" day. Access is free, as usual.

As usual, every Saturday there is fun and entertainment and instructional programmes prepared for those who visit Bolhão; on 25th January, be ready to get to know more about Mediterranean Food. Starting at 11am, nutritionist Liliana da Silva Pereira, of Nutriduc, will help everyone make the healthier choices when it comes to food.

The topic of the session "Sábados à Conversa" is "Mediterranean Food: from Market to Table", and nutritionist Liliana will explain the benefits of a Mediterranean diet, both for human health and for the environment. Participation is free and no prior registration is required.

It is a fact that a traditional Mediterranean diet, consisting of large quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, fish and olive oil, combined with physical activity, can reduce the risk of serious mental and physical health problems.

Also, the session includes a tour through the market stands and stalls to learn how to proper shop for fresh vegetables and fruits.

This Market is filled with live entertainment, delicious food, and fun for the whole family, alongside traditional merchandise, where everyone can discover traditional products and buy fresh groceries.  

Come see what Bolhão Temporary Market looks like.