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News Porto.


Fairs and markets go through changes as reopening is prepared
Fairs and markets in Porto will be able to resume activity from 1st June to 30th September. This only applies to food businesses marketplaces that were in place before Covid-19. Other fairs and markets are still prohibited till 30th September. 

Porto City Hall issued a plan regarding the reopening of food businesses markets and fairs to make sure coronavirus health guidelines are followed; these measures are jointly coordinated by the Department of Economy, Tourism and Trade and the Civil Protection and Supervision Department of the Municipality of Porto.

All other fairs and markets other than the food sector remain prohibited, and will be able to resume as of 30th September.

The proposal by Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, states that "Porto Book Fair remains an exception, as it is organised by the Municipality and following specific measures. The Book Fair opens on 28th August."

"Compliance measures and the effectiveness of such measures will be tried during Porto Book Fair, which will ascertain the feasibility of reopening similar fairs and markets from 30th September onwards", also reads the proposal.

Moreover, and according to Mayor Rui Moreira, "it is fundamental to continue preventing the virus transmission to control the epidemiological situation, without prejudice to the need of adopting measures for the return of workers, the resuming of municipal activity and the economy of the city, which will be phased out, safeguarding total compliance with safety rules in all physical spaces".

This Order regarding fairs and markets comes into force immediately, without prejudice of other national measures regarding the evolution of the current pandemic."

It is worth mentioning that Porto City Hall was pioneer in adopting stricter measures to fight the spread of the pandemic, which were adopted one week before the Emergency State was declared in the country.

Before that, the Municipality had already issued the closure of municipal establishments, namely theatres and museums.