U.Porto celebrates the best of volunteering at the university

The University of Porto and Santander Universidades will provide an early celebration of International Volunteering Day, on 4th December. This day, as recognised by the United Nations since 1985, is celebrated on 5th December; however, the UP will observe this day tomorrow morning with a webinar scheduled for 11am, with the presentation of the four winning projects of the Santander UNI-Covid19 Prize.

Porto municipal pools are granted the Covid Safe logo

The network of municipal pools in Porto are granted the Covid Safe logo, by APCER, as determined by the Authority for Working Conditions. As such, the municipal pools of Cartes and the Constituição meet the necessary health conditions.

Close to one hundred companies and investors filled for support to “Revitaliza Porto.”

The negative impact of the pandemic is showing of the number of companies and investors, close to one hundred the first week alone, that have requested the specialised service of the support line “Revitaliza Porto”, a free support service launched by the Municipality of Porto, via InvestPorto, whose goal is to support the business community in the city of Porto in the response to the pandemic crisis.

The Municipality of Porto will help distressed local traders during Xmas business

Rui Moreira, Mayor of Porto, announced on 30th November that the Municipality is preparing measures to support local traders in the Christmas business. Owing to the new coronavirus pandemic, local retailers are threatened by the sharp drop in sales. Also, this year the Municipality decided that no giant Xmas tree swill stand out in Avenida dos Aliados, and instead the amount will be destined to support the package of measures to help local retailers.

“This is a time when the State must get deeper into debt to resolve the situation”

Rui Moreira, Mayor of Porto was a guest speaker at a national television show to discuss the pandemic context of the country. The Mayor advocated that the Government has to further its support to companies and families, to boost recovery and to build a stronger economy for the future, as soon as the health crisis is over.

The Municipality of Porto launches business support line “Revitaliza Porto.”

Starting this Friday, economic operators in town can count on the specialised service of the support line “Revitaliza Porto”. This is a free support service launched by the Municipality of Porto, via InvestPorto, whose goal is to support the business community in the city of Porto in the response to the pandemic crisis.

Porto launches second campaign to convey key messages regarding Covid-19 preventive measures

The Municipality of Porto strengthened the mupi campaign launched in October as regards communication the right behaviour and attitudes that each and every one can adopt in order to reach a collective impact on the fight against the spread of the new coronavirus.

Porto City Hall is shortlisted for Public Policies Prize as regards earlier screening of Covid-19 in nursing homes

Porto City Hall is among the five finalists of the IPPS-Iscte Public Policies Prize. This recognition is the result of the Municipal programme to early detection of Covid-19 in Residential Structures for Elderly People in the city of Porto, which provided screening and testing to all beneficiaries and care workers of retirement homes within the Municipality of Porto. The winners will be announced on 20th November, in an online ceremony.

The Guardian illustrates Europe’s response to Covid-19 second wave with Porto’s communication campaign

The Guardian displays Porto’s Covid prevention measures campaign to explain how Europe is tackling the pandemic’s second wave. The online article highlights how several European countries, such as Austria, Germany, France, Sweden and Portugal are implementing measures, as regards, for instance, community engagement and restrictions.

Porto Youth Hostel provides 35 beds to caregive for the elderly that test negative for Covid-19

Porto Youth Hostel is already working as of 11th November, as a district hosting facility for people that are not infected with the new coronavirus, and the first beneficiaries are due to arrive within the coming days. The equipment is supplied with 35 beds, but its installed capacity can be doubled. In addition, the elderly who cannot rely on caretakers that have been infected by Covid-19 can be hosted at the Youth Hostel.