Capital S for Support Programme by Porto City Hall to local businesses. Applications are ongoing until the end of July

Porto City Hall has distributed vouchers worth circa 50 thousand euros thus far, to commercial establishments that have joined the support programme to boost local commercial businesses in the city of Porto. For each 20 euros buying, the customer gets a 2 euro direct discount. Applications can still be submitted until 30th July.

Porto City Hall muppie campaign on Covid-19 is distinguished by the Graphis

The muppie campaign by Porto City Hall to raise awareness on the importance of complying with the preventive measures regarding the fight against Covid-19 has been distinguished at the International Design Competition Graphis Awards 2021 with an honourable mention.

Porto City Hall marks World Day for Safety and Health at Work

Porto City Hall marks World Day for Safety and Health at Work, today, 28th April and takes the opportunity to reinforce the individual action each municipal worker has to take regarding the pandemic preventive measures.

“Porto has grown its reputation as a magnet for investment”, says the EU

Porto For Talent municipal strategy is enhanced by the EU in its project to highlight the Actions of the 14 Partnerships of the Urban Agenda, as regards Covid-19 impact on employment and competencies and the cities’ response.

Health Centres in Eastern Porto request all beneficiaries to update data

The Health Centres in Porto Oriental (ACES) have launched a campaign to request that beneficiaries keep details updated, in order to make the Covid-19 vaccine appointment more effective.

Porto built a large-scale vaccination programme, but it needs vaccines in place

Porto City Hall has built a robust program for the administration of vaccines in the city, with a capacity to inoculate circa 2000 people per day; the drive-thru vaccination centre, set up in the Queimódromo, is ready to go since February. The Municipality of Porto has been in constant communication with the two ACES [Health Centre Groups) in the city and articulated the availability of vaccination sites.

Porto City Hall supports local trade pick-up with 500 thousand euros discount vouchers

The Municipal Executive shall vote a second incentive programme to encourage local, street and traditional trade economic recovery in Porto. The aim of the campaign is to deliver discount vouchers to acceding traders: for each 20 euros buying, the customer gets a 2 euro direct discount. This measure includes restaurants, cafeterias, barber shops and hairdressers. The campaign comes into effect on 3rd May and the municipal investment can amount to as much as 500 thousand euros.

Over one thousand taxi trips to and from vaccination centres in Porto, from 9th to 25th March

From 9th March to 25th March, there have been 1.015 transportation services by taxi to and from vaccination sites against Covid-19 in Porto, under the cooperation agreement between Porto City Hall and the two taxi shuttles operating in the Municipality of Porto. This accession represents a strong contribution to mobility in the city, as it eases traffic and parking constraints nearby vaccination centres.

MHNC-UP is tracking down the history of Covid-19 to pass it on to the future generation

The Natural History and Science Museum of the University of Porto (MHNC-UP) is gathering materials and objects to tell the story of Covid-19 to future generations. Masks, ventilators, 3D printed face shields, research methods and results; these are but some of the features to be included in the “History of Covid-19”. The next step is to tell the story to the community.

Taxi trips to vaccination sites are available to all residents as of today

Starting today, 9th March, the Municipality of Porto supports taxi rides in town to transport the elderly to and from vaccination centres, namely the Health Centres in the Western and Eastern part of the city. This cooperation agreement was concluded with the two taxi shuttles operating in the city. Taxi fares are two euros per one-way trip, and round-trips are 4 euros. This measure had already been announced by Mayor Rui Moreira on 22nd February, during the Municipal Executive meeting.