747 applications received under the Porto Solidário support programme to target housing problems

Porto Solidário municipal programme received 747 applications between 19th January and 15th February. Thus far, 319 applications have been approved, of which 289 have already been granted support for a period of 24 months, worth 198.70 euros per application, on average. The analysis process is ongoing.

STCP (BUS) adjusts service offer on weekends

STCP bus fleet in Porto will adjust its service offer on weekends, as has happened on business days, to accommodate the measures taken under the renovation of the State of Emergency. The “Contingency Timetable” enters into force on 27th February, and will remain in place as long as the restriction measures of this second confinement are in force, namely the ban on movement in public areas and roads, and between districts, after 5 pm.

Municipal Assembly agrees to enter another 52 million euros in the budget to fight the pandemic

The first Porto City Hall budget revision for 2021 is now concluded. The Municipal Assembly agreed to enter another 51.7 million euros to support the assistance measures that mitigate the harm caused by Covid-19, during the Special Session of the Municipal Assembly. The solution, Rui Moreira advances, would be in the review of the Law of Local Finance, which would enable access by the Municipality to other income, like the revenue resulting from VAT.

Porto City Hall is to enter a cooperation agreement with taxis to transport the elderly to vaccination sites

Porto City Hall is preparing a cooperation agreement with both taxi shuttles in town to transport the elderly to the vaccination centres, namely the Health Centres in the Western and Eastern part of the city. Rui Moreira announced the news on 22nd February, during the Municipal Executive meeting.

BUS (STCP) adjusts service offer starting 22nd February

STCP bus fleet in Porto will adjust its service offer as of next Monday, 22nd February, to accommodate the measures taken under the renovation of the State of Emergency, and in accordance with the slump in demand, as schools remain closed and many people work from home.

Porto deployed a vaccination plan and all is in place but the supply of vaccines

The Queimódromo is set as the first vaccination centre in Porto, with the capacity to administrate circa two thousand vaccines per day. The former bus parking facility of the STCP, located in São Roque, is also another option, and the Gardens of Palácio de Cristal is under consideration for a walk-thru. “As long as vaccines are in place, the city of Porto is ready to boost vaccination”, stated Mayor Rui Moreira, yesterday morning, during a press conference at the site of the Queimódromo.

Startup from Porto shortlisted by EIT Health network in the field of digital health

Based on a blood sample, iLOF's technology is able to analyse multiple biological profiles and identify, for example, if a patient displays biomarkers that indicate Alzheimer, a more or less aggressive type of cancer, or if the patient is to develop acute symptoms related to Covid-19 or become asymptomatic.

Municipal Executive approves 52 million euros for pandemic fight

The Municipal Executive approved the first 2021 budget review yesterday morning, in the exact amount of 51.7 million euros, during a private meeting held by videoconference. Rui Moreira admits to the possibility that the Municipality further reinforces the pandemic fight effort in the nearest future. But, as these are uncertain times, Mayor Rui Moreira deems wise not to “be out of ammunition just yet”, even so because this crisis can get worse.

Non-digital ideas on social interaction? Meet “The Power of Design” challenge by the UP

The University of Porto opened an international competition to find a design solution that solves the pandemic conviviality crisis and provides fresh interpretations of social interactions. Applications are open until 15th March. First prize is three thousand euros.

The Municipality of Porto sets out internal pioneering measures to combat the hardening of the pandemic

The country is battling a rapid outbreak of Covid-19 new infections; as such, the Municipality of Porto continues to ensure both the safety of municipal workers performing essential activities and the regular functioning of services.