The Municipality of Porto will help distressed local traders during Xmas business

Rui Moreira, Mayor of Porto, announced on 30th November that the Municipality is preparing measures to support local traders in the Christmas business. Owing to the new coronavirus pandemic, local retailers are threatened by the sharp drop in sales. Also, this year the Municipality decided that no giant Xmas tree swill stand out in Avenida dos Aliados, and instead the amount will be destined to support the package of measures to help local retailers.

The best Xmas stories for kids are online with the “Adventário” project by Ágora

Although in a different year, celebrating Xmas is more important than ever, and even if there will be no Xmas tree standing in the Avenida dos Aliados this year, there will be plenty of light in the streets to celebrate the jolly season, as this is “the season to be merry!”. In addition, Porto City Hall, via Ágora created the “Adventário”, a project targeted at the younger audiences and whose goal is to celebrate Xmas, this time in the digital platforms.

Porto Food Bank promotes the best way to celebrate Xmas: by sharing

This year, the usual collection of food is not possible, owing to the sanitary context; as such, the campaign “Partilhar o Natal” [“Sharing Xmas”, free translation] is aimed at making up for that and advocates for companies and people to donate food and other items.

Porto to stand with no Xmas tree and no fireworks for New Year’s Eve

This year, the traditional Christmas tree will not be displayed in front of Porto City Hall, as it could lead to crowd gatherings. Amid the ongoing Covid-19, the usual festive programme is halted, namely ice rinks, concerts in the Avenue and in other street stages scattered all over town, as well as street theatre and travelling street performances. The New Year’s Eve fireworks, which usually brings together thousands of people to downtown Porto is cancelled as well.

Stay fit and join an event that gives back on Xmas

The University of Porto really has some of the best ideas for giving back and helping out this season. The event "Atividade física por uma causa" ["Physical Activity for a Cause", free translation] is the motto for a worthy initiative: you take part in the UPfit Programme for free and in return you give goods that will help those on need.

Ready for those very special Xmas concerts in Porto? Be there with bells on

Porto can pull the most amazing events on Xmas Holidays; this year's event "Natal à Porta", freely translated as "Xmas by the doorsteps" brings back unexpected concerts in the most iconic buildings in the Invicta.

A FUNtastic holiday season in Porto, from 30th November to 12th January! Porto welcomes you!

As the end of year closes in and Christmas celebration is just a few days ahead, the Municipality of Porto invites everyone to join in, as of 30th November the year's greatest feast is served.

The Xmas Tree at Aliados is an enchanted stage

The Xmas tree is already up at Avenida dos Aliados, in Porto and the Municipality of Porto invites everyone to see inside the tree as merry events will bring a free festive trail of events for the younger generation. The magical events kick off on 1st December.

"I'm coming home for Xmas", says Rui Veloso

Rui Veloso takes to the stage of the renovated Super Bock Arena-Rosa Mota Pavilion, on 14th December, at 10pm. This will be a Xmas special, both for the singer and the fans who can't wait to hear the tunes of timeless hits songs such as "Chico Fininho","Porto Covo", "Anel de Rubi" or "Primeiro Beijo".

Best Xmas markets and fairs the entire month of December in Porto

What better way to plunge into the Christmas holiday season than to visit a good old Xmas market? As tradition, this time of year is a special lively one in the city of Porto, and markets and fairs are the best getaways for fun and joy, be it with friends or family. All 31 markets in the city of Porto are access free for the entire month of December.