The greatest show in the Universe celebrates its 80th anniversary at Coliseu do Porto

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    Photo gallery

The journey that promises to go beyond the walls of one of the most iconic show rooms in the city will take place until January 2nd. At the age of 80, the Coliseu Christmas Circus no longer wants to be the greatest show in the world, but in the universe. In an edition inspired by unknown galaxies and planets, it showcases an adventure without a net that challenges all the limits of circus technics.

This bold bet follows the Christmas Circus mantra – “New since 1941”. There are all the traditional features, expected by the public – the jugglers, the trapeze artist, a magic act and, of course, the clowns. But, this time, there is something more contemporary, beyond traditional circus arts: the German wheel, the aerial lyra and, to keep the audience’s breath on hold, a globe of death.