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Instants of the city

Porto Book Fair 2020

Amid the pandemic, Porto Book Fair 2020 was a successful example on how to steer trough difficulties and ensure participants a high-end eclectic event, in a safe environment.

The eve of St. John's day amid the pandemic

Tonight, Porto stayed indoors to celebrate St John. In a notable way, Porto demonstrated civic-mindedness. Because it believes in the future, it is capable of sacrificing its present. This is no ordinary city. Here, we grit our teeth and face up to the challenge. That’s who we are. Period.

New Year’s Eve 2019/2020

Celebration, celebration, celebration. Crowded Aliados with lots of merriment and joy welcomes 2020 in Porto.

The Douro floods in Porto

In Porto, in December 2019, the water level in Douro River overflowed once again onto the surrounding banks.