World Battle returns with 1,500 athletes taking part

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In the year breaking makes its Olympic debut, the 2024 edition of World Battle will be attended by 1,500 athletes in 15 competition categories.

The 19th edition of World Battle brings several new features, such as the first edition of the WDSF 3vs3 Open and the first Broadcast Global. Skateboarding and football are also present. The festival runs from 28 August to 1 September and three of these days are competition days.

At the presentation ceremony for World Battle 2024, which took place this Tuesday at the Alfândega do Porto building, César Navio, administrator of the municipal company Ágora, emphasised the event's importance. 'It's a very important event for the city of Porto and it's strategic because it's linked to a very important programme, which is 'Desporto no Bairro' (Sport in the Neighbourhood)', he said.

He explained that this year's edition of 'Desporto no Bairro' is expected to reach 'more than a thousand children and young people from neighbourhoods in the city of Porto'. 'We have no doubt that World Battle is a strategic event for the city and capable of creating different bridges', he said.

Max Oliveira, organiser of the event and head of the MXM Art Centre, said that 'another chapter in this urban dance festival's history' will be written and explained the new features planned.

'On the day that marks the start of the programme we can attend a Breaking Gala. During a gala dinner we'll have a breaking battle, a dance floor in the middle of the tables. On 29 August, there's the WDSF 3VS3, an event organised by the International Federation and approved by the International Olympic Committee. It's a 3vs3 and brings together a woman, a man and a junior in the same event. A race that passes on values such as fairness, which is what this sport is all about'.

The World Battle programme also includes extra battles, where there will be a mix of football and breaking and the Footwork Ball.

For the first time, skateboarding is part of the programme, with the Skate Urban World Series. This international street skateboarding competition will bring some of the best-known names in the sport to Porto, such as Gustavo Ribeiro, Danny Leon and Richard Tury.

The programme for the 19th edition of The World Battle also includes a photographic exhibition and an event by Red Bull Culture, All Stars.