Weekend style: set yourself to a tranquil afternoon with Quarentena Cinéfila

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Once you have completed your wellbeing workout with the #Treinaemcasa, set yourself an interesting movie cinema from home. The suggestion by Quarentena Cinéfila, delivered by Medeia Filmes, in partnership with Porto Municipal Theatre, is Wings (1966) by Larisa Shepitko, about a “much-decorated female fighter pilot of World War II. The pilot, now principal of a vocational college, is out of touch with her daughter and the new generation. She has so internalized the military ideas of service and obedience that she cannot adjust to life during peacetime”.

Shepitko, born in the Soviet Union, is considered one of the best female directors of all times. Her film “Wings” brings to light the inner conflicts between a parent and a child. The film was rather controversial at the time, as the Soviet Union did not allow films that depict disagreement between children and parents.

While health measures are in place, keeping cinema doors closed, it is still possible to connect movie theatres and audiences.