Weekend activity: craft your own toys out of leaves, sticks and branches

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Miguel Nogueira

Enjoy the weekend mornings and take some time to discover nature in Porto. The Invicta maintains high quality green public spaces and there are plenty of gardens and parks where one can pick up branches, sticks and leaves to carry home and prepare for an afternoon indoors building one’s own toys out of the materials collected.

Owing to the pandemic, there is a mandatory curfew during the weekend afternoons; so make the best of your time as a family and craft toys out of the leaves and sticks that you have picked up in the morning in one of Porto’s amazing green spaces.

Here are some ideas for your crafts and arts that will engage both youth and grownups alike.

For the record…

Did you know that the "Green Flag" award was granted, again, to three green spaces in Porto, by the NGO Keep Britain Tidy? The City Park, the Jardim do Passeio Alegre and the Porto Botanical Garden, under the tutelage of the Municipality of Porto, now bear, as in 2019, the international mark of quality.

Portugal has joined the "Green Flag" scheme in 2019, a recognition of Porto's commitment to maintaining high quality green public spaces. All the sites are welcoming places with high standards of management, maintenance and ease of access, which make people feel that they are in a cared-for place.