Warm colors for cold days on the Mural Coletivo da Restauração

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The 14 modules of the supporting wall of the Palácio de Cristal Gaeden have a renewed face, exhibiting the new works selected as part of the Programa de Arte Urbana.

The call for artistic interventions established the use of a common palette for all artists, to create a visual homogeneity on the mural. For this version, warm colours were suggested, as way to provide warmth and soothe the cold days that we are experiencing.

The projects now exhibited on the Mural da Restauração are signed by Inês Arisca, Pablo Cidad, André Eiras, Paula Rezende, Gustavo Carreiro, Rute Costa and Sphiza (Filipa Fonseca), and were selected among 24 proposals from a total of 22 artists from five nationalities, all living in national territory, by a specialised jury led by artist Hazul, which also included Patrícia Costa and Miguel Sousa.

This is an annual, rotating intervention. As a production cost allowance, 750 euros are awarded per selected intervention/ proposal (of two or four modules).

The Programa de Arte Urbana is promoted by the city since 2014. It aims to contribute to the dissemination and awareness of creative street art output, encouraging its practice within an authorised institutional setting and making this form of expression an everyday experience, capable of transforming the city's landscape.

More than 80 artistic interventions have been carried out in the public space of the city of Porto, among works of ephemeral or permanent nature.