Videos about city tourism win new international award

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Miguel Nogueira

After its recognition in South Africa, the Municipality of Porto was distinguished at the Silver Lake Tourfilm Festival - Silafest 2022 with the "Best Production" award, in the category of best video campaign, with a set of promotional videos of the city that covers the themes of Architecture, Gastronomy and Wine, Handicraft, Hospitality, Routes of Santiago and Viewpoints.

The production “Tourism Porto” features a set of thematic videos about Porto that “create emotions and awaken senses. Sensory and intimate videos, almost palpable, of smells, tastes, sounds and images, where everyone can be the main character. Revisit memories for ones. For others, provocation. Passion for a city that you will want to discover.”

This set includes six of the 22 promotional videos that the Municipality of Porto has been releasing to publicise and promote the city locally, nationally, and internationally, whilst portraying Porto as a captivating city in its various aspects, namely Architecture, Gastronomy and Wine, Handicraft, Hospitality, Routes of Santiago, and Viewpoints.

An official member of the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals, Silafest, held in Veliko Gradiste, Serbia, has awarded 30 audio-visual productions from multiple cities and regions of the world, in different categories, from a range of 186 competing films. The festival has gained prominence for awarding the best Ecology and Tourism Films, becoming a reference for the audio-visual industry.