Vice-President of the Chinese Republic visited Jardins do Palácio

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Han Zheng, vice-president of the People’s Chinese Republic, visited the gardens of Palácio de Cristal, accompanied by the vice-president of Porto City Hall, Filipe Araújo.

Among the many issues that were touched on during the walk through Jardins do Palácio, the Chinese politician, got to see a duplicate of a magnolia denudata, a symbol of the Chinese city Shanghai, with which Porto has been geminated since 1995, and that was planted in the Jardim das Cidades Geminadas, in October of 2014.

Besides Shanghai, Porto also has geminations with Macau (1997) and Shenzhen (2016), with whom it has established relations of cooperation regarding the fields of culture, tourism, education, commerce and industry, technological innovation, heritage rehabilitation, health, industry, transportation, and investment.

Han Zheng concludes today a four-day visit to Portugal, in which he was accompanied by many members of the Chinese government, passing through the city of Porto.