URGENT COMMUNICATION: False requests for help on the Internet

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Porto City Hall is developing several actions to support hospitals, nursery homes, and homelessness situations, together with other institutions in town, to fight the outbreak of Covid-19. 

However, no public appeal was made so that help would be sent to any email or apparent municipal workers' email.

So far, Porto City Hall and the city institutions have been able to handle with the several problems that arise due to the crisis; there is no shortage of goods or funding, nor any vital system is at risk in town.

Hence, we request that all citizens that intend to help, that they value only the information provided via the online news channel of Porto (www.porto.pt) and only in this framework should anyone respond to any volunteer request or any other yet to be made.

Any email, post on social media, with email addresses, phone numbers, bank accounts, or with the indication of employees or directors' names is absolutely FALSE and should not be engaged.