University of Porto shares best practices on research and innovation in the Universities of Mongolia

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The University of Porto is a partner institution of "ARROW - Improvement of Research and Innovation Skills in Mongolian Universities". This international project is co-financed by Erasmus+, whose main goal is to support the capacity building of Mongolian Universities in the areas of research and innovation, specifically scientific production and patents.

The Arrow project was established last year and it will run for 36 months. The ARROW project will be executed by a Consortium of 4 European Higher Education Institutions (1 Portuguese, 1 Polish and 2 Spanish Institutions) and 11 Mongolian Partners.

Besides, the plus of this type of project is the empowerment to Mongolian researchers on how to improve the quality of scientific productions, mentored by prestigious scientists around the world, who contribute for real innovation in developing countries.

The core of the project is the capacity building of Mongolian teachers and students regarding scientific writing, data analysis, scientific results production, submission of applications and the improvement of English as a working language.

Also targeted are the registration of intellectual property rights to sensitise on the issues of plagiarism, and the highlight is the establishment of an online "mentorscientist" platform, where junior and senior researchers will coordinate study and research areas.

The University of Porto travelled to Ulan Bator, in Mongolia, from 1 to 5 July, to help launch ARROW, through its Scientific Research and Advanced Studies Support Unit. During this period, the UP organised a workshop on Funding opportunities and Applications Processing, which included 41 researchers, teachers and university technicians.

It is worth mentioning that UP is also part of the Quality Committee and will do the follow-up of other project related activities.