Turkish decreases frequencies in Europe but maintains connection from Porto to Istanbul

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Turkish Airlines announced the deficit of several routes in Europe. According to llker Ayci, the company's chairman, this is justified with the seasonality effect and with the impact of the attempted coup of July 15. However, the European airline gave the assurance that it will continue to fly to Porto.

In a meeting with journalists held in Istanbul, llker Ayci admitted resuming next Summer, the connections now in deficit in Portugal. Turkish Airlines started flying to Porto in April 2015, with three weekly flights, extending to seven flights this summer. The reduction will now be to five weekly flights. 

llker Ayci also announced that the company is betting on the new airport to be built in Istanbul, thus strengthening the position of one of the most important international hubs in Europe. The official says that Istanbul (on the border between Europe and Asia) rivals at this point with London and Paris.

Turkish Airlines will therefore continue to connect Porto to the East, through Istanbul, as the airline flies to destinations worldwide. Seychelles, Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar, Pucket, Caracas and Panama are among the new destinations announced by llker Ayci outside the European continent.