Tuk-tuk tours by urban art of Porto

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To showcase urban art that is made in the city, the City Hall of Porto will once again offer free tours and workshops over the next four weekends.

After a very busy edition in 2015, the Upstreet Stop & Go initiative offers once more tuk-tuk rides with stops at some of the more than 50 artistic interventions that can be seen in the streets and walls of the city of Porto. 

The tours will be guided by different artists in partnership with Tuk Tours company and will take place on 23rd and 30th October, 6th and 13th November.

The routes proposed in this new edition include five already inaugurated works which help to consolidate this offer from the city that is increasingly set at affirming itself as a territory of creation, inspiration and talent attraction. 

Street art, painting, illustration and installation are the artistic expressions that embody the latest interventions, crossing names like Peri, The Caver, Dub & Kest, Paulo Jesus, Lara Luis, Bruno Lisboa, Hazul, Julius Dolbeth, Rui Vitorino Santos, Martinha Maia or Pedro Cabrita Reis.

Created in 2014 and promoted by the Municipal Company Porto Lazer, Porto's Urban Art Program already has a total of 53 projects. 

Initiatives such as Stop & Go Upstreet aims to engage the community and bring it closer to art by increasingly building ever more attentive audiences, connoisseurs and therefore a more interested and demanding public.

Novelty in this year's edition will be the holding of a series of travelling workshops, conducted by students of Visual Arts and Artistic Technologies from Escola Superior de Educação do Porto of the Instituto Politécnico. 

These free of charge workshop-visits challenge the audiences to be actively engaged, through practical activities. The purpose is to provide a more careful look at the most recent artistic interventions of the Urban Art Program. 

A theoretical and practical approach which will address simple techniques such as pencils and mobile phone, as well as possible sharing of the produced work through social networks.


Info: The tours depart and arrive from the Silo Auto car park. Here is the list of stops with the works to visit and their respective authors:

1 - Silo Auto > Seven floors, seven illustrations, by Júlio Dolbeth and Rui Vitorino;

2 - Rua do Alferes Malheiro > Mural of Trindade, by Mr. Dheo and Hazul;

3 - Rua das Oliveiras (Façade of Teatro Carlos Alberto) > Landscape, by Martinha Maia;

4 - Rua de Cedofeita > Holon, by Hazul;

5 - Rua de Diogo Brandão > Untitled, by Mots, Mesk and Fedor;

6 - Rua de Miguel Bombarda > Untitled, by Pedro Cabrita Reis;

7 - Rua da Restauração > Collective Mural of Restauração 2nd Phase, by Peri, The Caver, Dub & Kest, Paulo Jesus, Lara Luís and Bruno Lisboa;

8 - Rua Nova da Alfândega > Mira, by Eime;

9 - Avenida Vímara Peres > An.Fi.Tri.Ão, by Draw;

10 - Rua da Madeira > Who are you, Porto?, by Mais Menos;

11 - Rua da Madeira > Clouds, by Sten&Lex.